Mosaci of different logos on Ross and Ed's faces


Um… What?

Picture two financially crippled university students. Having lived like metaphorical kings for the last three years, they are sucker punched by the cruel hard fist of the real world™. Now, scared, desperate and confused, they do what they swore they never would, and begin selling their bodies to anyone willing to pay.

Now, throw some paint into the mix and you get BuyMyFace! For the next year, we (Ross & Ed) are selling advertising space on our faces to pay off our student debt, and demonstrate that, with a bit of creativity and a twinkle in your eye, you can beat the current job climate.

For the next 366 days, our faces are your faces. Buy a day, upload an image (or text), and we'll display it on our faces for the whole world to see.

Why Buy?

Maybe you're launching a new product? Maybe it's a friend's birthday? Maybe you'd like to propose to the love of your life? Maybe you just want your name on our faces? We think there are lots of reasons you might buy our faces, but ultimately, BuyMyFace is viral marketing. Through our website, Facebook, Twitter, and every other media tool at our disposal, we're going to turn this quirky idea into an infectious and effective advertising campaign. With a bit of luck and support, by the end of the year, buying our faces will give you the chance to create a fun, affordable advert, which is viewed by a far reaching audience.

And it doesn't stop after the day you've bought. At the end of our year, we'll transform the website into an exclusive online calendar displaying the 366 original buyers. In this way, our customers will receive ongoing exposure from return visits to

Who can buy?

Anybody – whether you're an individual, group, or business. In particular, we think this will appeal to businesses who want a creative approach to advertising, who may have launched large successful advertising campaigns before, or may be completely new to the process.

I'm not from the UK. Can I still buy a day?

Of course – in fact, we hope you do, and it might mean that we take some trips abroad specially (strictly business related, of course).

Where will you go with your faces painted?

When we're done painting our faces and uploading pictures/text of our sponsors in the morning, we'll go and do something in the real world that makes following us online that bit more interesting. If it just so happens that we have to go to Thorpe Park, music festivals, or student events (for companies reading this, bear in mind that these are all great places to advertise - just saying), well that's just another day in the office for us!

How does the pricing work?

You can buy our faces from £1 (and it'd be worth every penny damn it!), but if the days stayed at this price, it would take a VERY long time to pay off our university debt. As such, the price of days will increase gradually throughout the year as we snowball (more media coverage, more followers, and more friends)…

…but there's a twist… we want to make sure we sell EVERY single day, so if you want a day (e.g. for your birthday) and it's a bit out of your price range, register your interest here, and you'll be the first to hear if it is unsold.

How exactly will you display images on your faces?
Ed painting Ross' face Ross happy with the result of Ed's face painting skills

We've got just the thing… Fucus obsolete (or face-paint to those of you who aren't experts in the field. Losers!) Any and all images uploaded to our site will be artistically rendered onto our faces using the very best paint that a student can buy. Not a bad idea eh? But wait, there's a problem here isn't there? Where are we going to find experienced, skilled artists with the raw determination to paint daily for the next year? Ha! A minor concern.

How will you promote yourselves?

A large part of this idea rests on people seeing our faces (and more importantly, who owns them). To achieve this, we're hitting the Internet hard through our website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Outside cyberspace, we're getting in touch with newspapers at all levels, and are telling our friends to tell their friends, to tell their friends, to tell their Postman, to tell his neighbour, to tell his window cleaner, to tell his daughter, to tell her friends, to tell us… but we already know.

Can I invite you to an event?
Ross and Ed will carry your shopping!

Although the main way we're getting our faces out there is virally, we think it's in keeping with the spirit of things to jam-pack our calendar with as many events as possible. If you need some face painting at a kid's birthday party, we're there! If you need two handsome gentlemen to stroll down the red carpet, we're there! If you need help carrying the shopping home, we're there!

Just hop on over to our contact page and send us an email! We'll then calculate the out of pocket expenses ;-)

What can I display on your faces?

We're desperate, but we're not that desperate. If you're unsure, ask us.

Can I put a different image on each face?

Yeh why not. A little bit of administrative magic should make sure that one of us (let's say Ross) ends up displaying "Honest Jim's" and the other (purely hypothetically, Ed) gets "hemorrhoid cream".

Can I just buy Ross' gorgeous face and pay half the price?

No. Unfortunately you're stuck with Ed as well.

How will I know that you displayed my image?

Well, you can check out our handiwork online, or, come and see us if you don't believe.

Why can't I buy Christmas day or 29th February?

In the spirit of Christmas, we're auctioning off 25th December for charity - auction will open on 15th December. As for 29th February… we're not quite sure yet, but maybe you have suggestions. Let us know at

I like the sound of this. What can I do to help?

You tell us. If you have any media contacts, a particular skill, or a helpful idea, email us through our contact page. We also have a couple of other ideas up our sleeves, so if you want to get involved, why not drop us an email to register your interest.